You know us for 10 years. And all these years you can see our works on the streets of the city, you buy brands which we develop and promote in shops, you participate in advertising campaigns which we conduct.  

The Advertising Agency “Go~” was established in 2000. “Go”, above all, means “moving”, however, this is like the ancient Oriental game Go. The game where the elegance of individual moves and the subject of the game’s process are as important as is the victory. And following the chosen concept, we are on the permanent move towards perfection offering our inimitable ideas for every single project.

The Advertising Agency “Go~” unites highly-qualified professionals: certificated specialists with considerable theoretical     basis of branding, advertising, business planning, culture and arts studies, members of Russian Designer’s Union and kind people in general. We are always on the move and constructive flight, that is why our slogan is LIFE FOR IDEAS.   

The objective possibility to generate the idea of the project is the principal competitive advantage of The Advertising Agency “Go~”. Active development of the city market of advertising services makes all the traditional forms of advertising available but it is obvious that only the appropriate creative constituent of the advertising campaign (taking the specific character of your personal demands into account) is able to bring this campaign to the successful outcome. This is the idea and its professional transmission that would enable to reach the maximal efficiency of the advertising campaign.

High quality of our work and unblemished reputation of The Advertising Agency “Go~” is the evidence of everything said above.

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